Staff NJS.001 (CH.1992) CD


Notker Homburger, Stimme/Gitarre/Jug/Kazoo * Bernhard Mayer, Mundharmonika/Löffel/Stimme * Thomas Banholzer, Jug/Trompete/Kazoo* Andi Reinhard, Saxophone/Klarinette/Löffel/Jug/Kazoo/

Maultrommel * Bodo Matzkeit, Schlagzeug/Waschbrett.


Live aufgenommen am 12. und 13. Februar 1992 im Vorstadt-Theater, Eisenwerk, Frauenfeld (CH) von Rolf Stauffacher.


Guitar Rag / John Henry / Sloppy Drunk Blues / Fishing Blues / Got My Mojo Working / Just As Well Get Ready, You Got To Die / What's The Matter Blues / Honky Tonk Woman / Crow Black Chicken & Mississippi River Waltz / I'm Gonna Leave This Town / United Our Thing Will Stand / Irene Goodnight.




“Jug band music is meant to be good fun, and this recording, made in Switzerland by a five piece band led by German-based guitarist/singer/kazooist/juggist Notker Homburger maintains that tradition. They have a wide ranging repertoire, from the Rolling Stones and James Booker to Sylvester Weaver and the Leake County Revelers, and this sweep of material is matched by the instrumentation, which in true jug band fashion includes spoons, washboard and mouth harp alongside more conventional items such as harmonica, trumpet, clarinet and sax. Though the proceedings begin fairly seriously, things soon loosen up and by the time we get to 'Mojo', it sounds as though the jug players may have had a bit too much gassy lager at the local beer festival - particularly when we get to the 'jug trio' section; the important word is gassy, rather like the beans scene in 'Blazing Saddles'! Some of the songs have a skiffle feel, 'Irene Goodnight' mixes C&W and Dixieland, and 'Honky Tonk Woman' features some fine jug. You get the idea ... there's a definite accent to the vocals but it doesn't really matter, it's all good fun. If you want to add some local colour, maybe throw in a bit of yodeling on the next record, lads.”   

(Norman Darwen, Blues & Rhythm Magazine #73, 10/1992)