"Singer and guitarist Notker Homburger is known to readers from Notty’s Jug Serenaders (reviewed in this magazine) and although he is here continuing his exploration of the folk music of his native Lake Constance and surroundings (on the border of Germany and Switzerland), there is plenty to interest the more broad-minded reader. He is aided and abetted in his task by the singer and ukulele player Norbert Heizmann and Thomas Banholzer on jug, trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and vocals, as required. The line-up is also fleshed out by several guests – (female) vocals, saxophone, and Rolf Stauffacher playing a variety of instruments.

The recorded sound itself has a slightly retro feel, which suits this collection of local songs and blues-, jazz-, and folk-inflected material very well. The tracks themselves are mostly originals, as the problem for Notker and Co. is that there really isn’t much known about the folk music of the area, so they have had to build these songs from fragments, allusions, inferences and re-imaginings. Included here is however the public domain 'Konstanzer Schottisch', originally by a rural Swiss band in the '20s and here rendered by the small string band line-up rather beautifully.

All in all, though Lake Constance might seem a rather exotic destination for many readers, the good time ambience and the enthusiasm and cheery approach of most of these songs comes across well, even if the actual meaning of what the guys are singing is nearly well-nigh impenetrable. The CD boasts one of Robert Crumb's more, er, unusual sleeve cartoons too – these guys definitely don’t do Lederhosen. Try it, you might like it!“

 (Victor Ian Leyland, Blues & Rhythm Magazine # 367, March 2022)